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PostSubject: IMOW3rdApr09   Sat Apr 04, 2009 1:15 pm

Emailed to Outlandt from Luvdasoaps @ Fri, 03. Apr 2009 14:52:04 -0400

Today’s episode begins with Stephanie walking on the rugged rocks getting close to the water.
She looks confused and looks out in the bay

. Nick is on his way to the Shady Marlin and sees her.

Brooke in Ridge’s office she’s babbling about it’s the end of an era (looking at Stephanie’s pic), can’t believe your father asked her to leave. Ridge says, “No one can fill mother’s shoes.”

At the Beach house Rick and Air lying on the couch, just babbling; you may want to FF this scene.

In Eric’s office, Taylor comes by and Eric is babbling and tells her that he fired Stephanie. Taylor is shocked.

Nick calls out Stephanie’s name and she looks over at him.


the Shady Marlin, Nick brings Stephanie in he says you must be cold. He
goes to get her a blanket. He asks what she was doing. He said rough
day at Forrester? Why were you down there? Stephanie tells him it was a
sentimental journey, its when she and Eric were just married, moved to
LA to make FC. Nick asks if it was her anniversary. She says, "No,
today was the day I was told I was fired".

Eric’s office,
Taylor says, “What!” Eric babbling to calm her down. He goes on to say
his side why he fired her just so he can look not like the villain. He
tells Taylor how when Stephanie was around there was tension,
especially with Brooke (he had to throw her name in there!) Taylor
said, are you wishing now that you hadn’t fired her? He says; "No, I just fear of what will become of her". (What a joke).

Shady Marlin:
Nick gives Stephanie some coffee. Nick says, Eric booted you out
you didn’t strong arm him? She said I could have stayed but was ready
to go. She sees that Nick has a book of FC. Nick tells her that he’s
reading to see the type things he can use to keep his mother’s company
afloat because he only knows about the shipping business. Stephanie
asks if he had heard from Massimo, Nick says, "No" and briefly brings
up Ridge being his son. Stephanie gets off the subject and tells him
about how Eric is. Nick says, “he’s a wimp!”, “you’re a tough broad!”
She tells him that she is not going to shed a tear. Not going to.

the Beach House, boulder head arrives, Steffy lets her in she said I
know you’re still moving in and sees the ring on her finger and admires
it. The first thing out of Rick’s mouth, “I wonder what Ridge’s
reaction will be.” (he can’t keep this man’s name out of his mouth and
Brooke nor the Airhead see that he’s doing this to piss Ridge off!)
Brooke blabs to Rick that Ridge still has questions about their
relationship. Air babbles something about he is ok with our
relationship. She then goes on to ask
Brooke if she could find them a church. Brooke says, „so soon?“


at the beach house, Brooke says, “why would you rush?” Rick says
because of their commitment to each other. Air head says what about in
3 mos. I want everyone to know we are a couple. Brooke agrees to help
them. Rick says he wants it unique, she agrees and supports them.
Brooke says she hopes that they aren’t rushing into this.

Ridge is on the phone leaving a message to Taylor
telling her that Brooke is at the beach house…

actually talking about this crisis and ask for a expert opinion.

Back to the broadcast: Brooke has come back to the office and Ridge
asks how the happy homemakers are doing. Brooke tells him that they are
going to get married soon. Ridge says “that’s not going to happen,
Logan. They can live together, marriage? That’s where we draw the line".

Shady Marlin: Stephanie talks and Nick listens intently.

tells him that life’s a paradox, move forward until the unexpected; you
are at the crest now going backward. Stephanie says she now knows it’s
over. Eric is caught up has a beautiful young woman. This was to be our
golden years. Stephanie says she knows she’s a demanding person, Eric
probably got tired of me, she goes on to tell Nick that the mad
passionate love you share with someone, social events, kinda’ drifted
off~~~ knows she can’t compete w/Brooke or Dumma. Stephanie goes on to
say that, “she always though commitment and honor; then came Brooke,
she married Eric and they had a family and now living with the wrath of
the first demon spawn. She goes on to say she thinks that Eric is going
to stay with Dumma and “I guess what goes around came back on me.” Nick
tells Stephanie it’s not her fault. Stephanie tells him that she put
all her heart and soul in Eric and it didn’t turnout the way she
expected; she said it’s a dead end thought, she would never thought it
was going to end this way. She thanks Nick for the coffee and blanket
and leaves.

Eric in office with Taylor, She tells him that she
will always be there for Stephanie and he’s glad she is. Taylor said
that she’s a strong lady. Eric said he’s afraid what might happen to
her and prays she will
be alright. Stephanie is walking on beach and thinks out loud, “the best days of her life are going to come and come they will.”

End of Episode.
really great! I love it when Stephanie and Taylor are on, Stephanie is
right... better days will come and come they will, soon!

happy weekend!



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Number of posts : 22
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PostSubject: Re: IMOW3rdApr09   Sat Apr 04, 2009 4:47 pm

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